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Personal Coherence

Growing Intuitive Wisdom

Coherence is a harmonious state where our hearts, minds and bodies are united in cooperation and flow. Personal coherence practices can help calm your nervous system, neutralize stress reactions, and discern better choices. One of the major causes of stress is a lack of coherence in our interactions.

Free Resources to Help You

These free resources, tips and techniques can help you raises your self-security, creative ability and intuitive guidance. Coherence attunes your choices to the most effective ways to respond to each situation life brings.

12 HeartMath Tools for Reducing Stress & Staying Balanced

This e-Book is filled with 12 effective HeartMath tools and practices that are designed to help you learn to increase self-security through balance, clear thinking and heart-guided choices. Just choose a topic that resonates with you to practice. This guide can help us engage in a deeper practice of heart qualities that can elevate our spirits facilitaion for balancing our life at this time, or any time. during challenging times.

Personal Well-Being Survey™

This scientifically developed assessment tool gives you a snapshot of your current level of well-being and stress management. It measures four key elements of well-being: stress management, adaptability, resilience, and emotional vitality, then compares this data to a normed group of individuals, which provides an accurate reference point. The survey offers free resources and practical tools to improve your well-being.

The HeartMath Experience

Learn from an inspiring experiential video course that offers new insights and practical techniques to help you respond to day-to-day challenges with more clarity, ease and composure. It includes 9 chapters with over 90 minutes of compelling content. You will experience 5 scientifically validated HeartMath techniques for activating your hearts intelligent guidance for better choices and outcomes while staying balanced through these rapid changing times.

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Personal Coherence

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Science of Coherence

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