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Global Coherence Emissary

Join a community of people who are dedicated to awakening the heart of humanity and raising the vibration of the global field environment.

This occurs when emissaries intentionally radiate heart qualities like love, compassion and cooperation for the well-being of humankind. When a large group of people are in heart coherence together, this effect is magnified. This service is the collective intentions of the Global Coherence Emissaries.

As a Global Coherence Emissary, you receive the following benefits:

  • Synchronized Care Focuses – a time where you and people around the world come together to send focused heart intentions and compassion to planetary needs.
  • Invitations to collaborative gatherings, meditations, summits, live streaming events and more.
  • Free e-Books: The Energetic Heart and The Science of Interconnectivity.
  • Access to GCI scientific information, project updates, research studies and invitations to participate in scientific research projects.

Join GCI Community

Fill out the form (below) to join the Global Coherence Initiative Community. When you click "Submit", you can download the free e-Book The Energetic Heart.

The Energetic Heart

Resources Supporting Global Coherence Emissaries

  • GCI’s Heart Coherence™ Technique

  • The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

    A path to personal social and global coherence

    HeartMath’s inspiring seven-minute video about the amazing intelligence of the human heart. Over 2 million views! Click to view

  • Global Coherence Research Papers

    • Global Coherence Research: Human-Earth Interconnectivity. Click to view

    • The Influence of Heart Coherence on Synchronization Between Human Heart Rate Variability and Geomagnetic Activity. Click to view

      This intriguing 3-minute video abstract is about a recent study conducted by the HeartMath Institute, Long-Term Study of HRV Responses to Changes in Solar & Geomagnetic Environment, which was published in the February 2018 edition of Scientific Reports.

  • Research Library

    We invite you to browse the HeartMath Institute’s extensive collection of Global Coherence research studies. Click to view

  • Articles of the Heart Blog

    These blog articles contain valuable Tools & Techniques, Special Care Focuses and Research discussions that might be of interest to you. Click to view

  • GCI on Facebook and YouTube

    Become part of our social network and global conversation on Facebook and YouTube.